Education for Children in Residential Support

Education is an integral element of our care plan, crucial to the effectiveness of the placement, focusing on the emotional as well as the academic needs of the young people. We are able to work with local schools/ colleges or facilitate alternative education arrangements.

Our Aim

Aspirations believe that education is an important area of child or young person’s life and sometimes the only stable and consistent factor in the movement between residential care and family life.  All members of staff work alongside each other to promote and stimulate interest and learning. The aim of this is to afford children the same life chance opportunities through their education, as any other child would have. Likewise it is our aim for those children and young people who are unable to attend a mainstream school to follow a structured day with as much academic input as the individual can successfully achieve.

Education Arrangements

Children and young people placed with Aspirations will were possible attend the most appropriate level of education dependent on their individual capabilities. This man range from:

  • Full /Part time mainstream Education
  • Full /Part time special Education

If a child or young person is able to attend school/ college staff will maintain regular contact with education providers to share information about progress. Robust and positive working relationships are actively encouraged with the school and the young person to avoid any unnecessary gaps in attendance. These relationships ensure the school is aware of any problems individuals may be experiencing and how best to manage any difficulties and to work together to strive for the best outcomes for children or young people in our care.

However, should a child not be able to attend school/college our staff will liaise with appropriate colleagues in education and the placing authority to ensure a contingency plan is in place to avoid the individual missing full time education for a prolonged period of time.

All children are provided with an appropriate place to do their homework and are offered support form staff with this. Should a child or young person have a learning difficulty staff will work alongside them and identify any specialist help they may require to ensure they meet their educational potential.

Aspirations does recognise that educational opportunities do not just take place within the school or college setting and so staff work alongside the individuals placed within the homes to explore resources outside of the classroom ( such as the local library)  for them to participate and develop cognitively as well as making them aware of issues such as the environment and how to effectively manage their personal finances

Educational Provision within Aspirations

Children and Young People in the Midlands who are unable to attend mainstream school are able to access or small specialist provision, Corner House School, which is registered with DFE and inspected by Ofsted to support the needs of five children.

For more information please see the Corner House School website.

In the South West children and young people are able to access the Woodspring School which is registered with DFE and is inspected by Ofsted to support the educational needs of 10 pupils.  Woodspring school is able to take external referrals.

For more information please view Woodspring Schools website where you can download their prospectus.

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