Education for Young People who are Leaving Care

The Leaving Care Company have designed and implemented an education programme for young people over the age of 16 who may have opted out of main stream education. This provides them with the opportunity to improve their Maths and English skills to help improve their employability as well as guiding them on how to successfully enter the job market.

The Leaving Care Company Education Programme

The Leaving Care Company recognises that it can often be difficult to get young people to engage with education but at the same time recognise the importance of young people having basic Maths and English skills to give them the opportunity to enhance their future prospects and independence and in so doing raise their self-esteem, confidence and motivation. As a result The Leaving Care Company provides a twelve week programme to run every fortnight for 2 hours per session which young people receive a £5 voucher for every session they attend and particapte in.

What is offered to the young people

  • The Leaving Care Team offer educational activities within small groups ( no more than 4), where the session are broken down into small “chunks” ( to help maintain motivaiton and concentration).  The enviroment is non theatening  and all young people are made to feel valued, reassured and encouraged to achieve their potential. The educational activities may include functional maths and English skills that are relevant to their daily and future lives. For example, a young person  may want to be able to read train timetables, plan a journey, be able to follow recipes, understand % reductions etc and therefore the work will be based around these areas.
  • All activites are  personalised based on individual needs and levels in order to make all learning relevant to the individual learner.
  • An enviroment which helps promote a positive work ethic , responsibility, courteousness and the importance of respecting others.

The benefits to the young people

  • The opportunity to improve their Maths and English skills – without the pressure of  an exam
  • An understanding of what it is employers are looking for and what jobs would be a good match to their skills and qualities
  • Assitance to search for jobs and look for apprenticeships or further training and education
  • Training in interview skills
  • Help to write a C.V and cover letter
  • The opportunity to complete online Health and Safety training to add to your C.V and increase their employability
Education for young people leaving care




Education for young people leaving care