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Woodspring SchoolA number of the young people we support at our Crossways Children’s Residential Homes, who attend Aspirations Woodspring School  have finally finished their GCSEs and coming to the end of their time at Woodsprings.


Kiks Shepphard and her team have done a fantastic  job in working with the young people to get them to re-engage in education this last academic year and get them ready to take their exams. This is despite prior to September last year many of them not participating in full time education.

While anxiously waiting for the results later this Summer Woodspring and their pupils have already made a great start as we learnt that 3 students have already passed iGCSE  English Speaking & Listening. Furthermore one student has passed English and Maths in their Functional Skills Level 2 exams.

Regardless of what grades are achieved Aspirations is delighted already with how with the support of the staff the Woodspring students have applied themselves. The skill set they will have learnt will no doubt set them in good stead to for the future.

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