What people say about us?

Listening and acting on what people say about us is fundamental to the way we support people. We want to hear and celebrate what is said by people themselves about our support, families about our support, supporters and other professional about the support provided.

What we want to know when we get things right for people so we can make sure we do more of this for everyone we support.

The people who we support have said this about us

"we have something called participation and that just means that we talk about the plans for the home and things, it’s good because they include me in everything"

"It's alright here, I'm making progress…like at college. The staff are alright it’s a nice place to live"

Families have said this about us

X's father has stated "This is the best placement his daughter has had since being placed in Care 4 years ago. It is the first time in 4 years he has seen his daughter content"

Overleaze & its staff have been vital to keeping my family unit together. They provide reliable respite for my son & much needed support to me whether it’s in or outside of my sons respite hours. They all go above and beyond for my son & I trust them to keep him safe & happy! My son has the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities that he would not be able to access if he was with me.

Supporters and other professional have said this about us

Taken from the Ofsted inspection report for Ovington in the North West "This is a smashing placement for young people"

Taken from the Ofsted inspection report for Highfield in the North West "Staff have gone above and beyond what was expected of them"

Taken from the Ofsted inspection report for Roxburgh in the North West "Staff are proactive in helping to plan for young people’s future. They are not just interested in the here and now."

"Although x has only been in placement for a short while, they are starting to engage with staff. This is testimony to the staff’s interaction with them. They have previously refused all attempts at building relationships"

"Staff are very good... very supportive... they go out of their way to support young people... this placement has been very good for this young person"

Over all I have been very happy with the support offered to the young person I work with in the care of Watch Elm. Her contact needs have been very well met. She is provided with consistent support, encouragmenet and incentives in her education and health needs

Devon Social Worker "Very positive child centred caring approach in practice. Staff who are committed to working with the team around the child to achieve positive changes"