Aspirations Children’s Residential Services

Aspirations specialise in solo and dual accommodation for children unable to live with other children, without individual support or families. To this end, matching the needs of the child to the service is paramount. Identifying the appropriate child is therefore, very important if the child is going to benefit from the process and the local authority is going to benefit from the appropriate placement.

The Aspirations child is highly likely to have survived trauma, abuse and neglect in their early lives, (often compounded by separation and loss issues). This child will have developed defensive/resilient coping strategies in order address the symptomatic effects of their experiences.

They will live in a persistent state of anxiety/fear and they will perceive adults as dangerous.

The Aspirations child will avoid intimacy and close relationships; they will be unable to live in a family or small group setting. They will have poor internal controls (emotions can seem out of control), they will present as unable to be still, defiant, anxious, un-cooperative, impulse ridden, unpredictable, angry or oppositional.

They are also able to dissociate or show an absence of emotion about painful and traumatic events, they are highly likely to self-harm. Each child will have feelings of worthless and hopelessness. They will feel that they are to blame and that they are the problem. They are likely to remain vulnerable to further abuse and exploitation throughout the early period of their placement.

Due to the child's experience of trauma and abuse their behaviours are symptomatic of previous experiences and need to be understood in that context. In some instances; these behaviours can be extreme, hence the need for a solo and/or dual setting, they require high levels of skilled therapeutic practice / interventions to enable the child’s ability to regulate their emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms at times of stress, to form and maintain future relationships address this issues, to adjust their behaviour, to recover and progress.

Their presenting issues are likely to include:

  1. Attachment disorders
  2. Conduct disorders
  3. Emotional and psychological disorders
  4. Hyperkinetic disorders
  5. Learning delays / difficulties
  6. Autistic spectrum disorders
  7. Executive function difficulties
  8. Extended absences from education

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Care Pathway

The Care Pathway

Aspirations Children’s Residential Services are providers of specialist support for children unable to live in a family setting. As the child approaches Stage 4 and ultimately Stage 5. We will work with the local authority to provide support to this transition. We will also work, with our sister company, ‘The Leaving Care Company’ to provide any specific support to young people who are 16 years and leaving care if necessary. This includes the development of a care pathway enabling the young person to transition safely from residential services through to when they leave care and/or move into semi-semi-independent living.


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Jason aged 15 came to be placed at single occupancy Aspirations Children’s Residential home following the break down at his previous placement. This was due to him being involved in various criminal activities such as selling drugs, damage to property and assaults. To find out more on how Aspirations has supported Jason to and designed a Person Centred Support Plan which ensures his safety and well being as well as taking into consideration the safety of the community.



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