Jack is a guy who would never go out without looking sharply dressed.  He has a real sense of pride in how he looks. The team who support him describe him as a funny, kind, and determined man.

Since, Aspirations has supported him, he has accomplished so much of which he is proud. Life has not been easy for Jack. He had a very difficult childhood and had been diagnosed as having a mild learning disability and a personality disorder. He has a history of seriously high risk offending behaviour. As a result of this and his unpredictable aggressive behaviour toward others, he lived in a secure setting with
2:1 support at all times. He came to be supported by our service, when it was agreed by the clinical services that this was not the right setting for him to live. 

He was ready in his own words "to just get on with his life".

Our team started to support him and got to know him through carefully listening to what he was saying with his words and behaviour and a result of this designing support that worked well for him.  Jack lives with someone else and this match has worked well. Jack needed to live with someone – he loves company and chatting. Mark who he lives with also likes this but is also a calm and quiet person, which works well for Jack. Both of them love to boogie and go to a disco together each week.

Through sensitive and consistent support over time and working with the local clinical team, Jack is now supported on a 1:1 basis. This has come about due to him trusting his team to deliver support that keeps him safe and others safe from him. Jack now works as a volunteer on a farm each week, loves walking and uses this interest to contribute to his community – he often does sponsored walks. He has a girlfriend and loves to go to the cinema and bowling. He has also gained his confidence to share his experiences with others at the national involvement meetings that Aspirations run to hear about what is working or not working for the people we support.