Maxine is 34 and her team say she is a determined, thoughtful and fun woman  who always tries hard to do the right  thing.

She is artistic and has a great sense of style. She has been supported by Aspirations since 2009 and lives her life with a complex diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder and Bi-Polar Affective Disorder. Her mood swings often result in her being unable to cope with everyday issues and maintain meaningful relationships. She regularly engages in self-injurious behaviour and assaultive behaviours towards others.  These behaviours have resulted in her being detained under the Mental Health Act and numerous placement breakdowns.

Maxine has low self-esteem predominantly due to obesity, a side effect of her medication. She was referred for gastric band surgery, but due to complex behaviours and self-harm, she was declined, which was a further rejection for her to deal with.

So supported by her team she has been involved in devising a healthy eating and exercise programme. She’s lost a staggering 8 stone in weight since 2011.

She has gone on to raise over £200 by doing the 10k Race For Life with her team and intends to do this again.  Last year, Maxine experienced a Person-centred review with her team to help her to think about her future.  She said that it was the best review she ever had and wants them like that all the time.  She said normally people sit round a table and tell her how she should lead her life and what she should / shouldn’t do to remain living in the community and how much her package costs the authority. She said she felt in more control in this review.  Together, the team and Maxine came up with ideas for how things could be improved now and in the future.

Maxine has now joined a gym and hired a personal trainer and works with him 2-3 times per week. With his input, Maxine’s physical and emotional wellbeing is better than it has ever been.  Her mood swings are less frequent, she is using coping strategies to solve everyday problems and in 6 weeks she has lost a total of 16 inches and dropped 2 dress sizes.  She is focused, dedicated and aims to get to a size 14 within the next 12 months. Most importantly Maxine now understands that her lifestyle change and regular exercise is enabling her to manage her mental health and keep in recovery.