Compliments, comments and complaints

Why is it important to us to hear your compliments, comments and complaints?

Aspirations aims to provide high quality support. All compliments, comments, and complaints are valued and are treated seriously.

Success for our teams is all about being accountable to those we support and knowing that we are supporting people in a way that matters to them.  We strive to get things right and listening and acting on what you tell us is part of this.

Every month the local teams have to tell the Leadership Team about what is  working well or not going well locally and including any complaints,  compliments,  comments and suggestions.   We share what we have done to act on these  or what else needs to be done.

We use compliments, comments and complaints to tell us about what is;

  • working  and going well  for people  we support
  • not working so well about what we are doing

and therefore

  • what we need to change immediately or in the future
  • what we need to do more of now and in the future  because it works for people and their families.

You will see that compliments, comments and complaints are one of the ways that we measure our One Page Strategy for delivering personalised supports.

What do we mean by Compliments, comments and complaints?


Anything you would like to tell us about something we have done well?


Anything you like would to make a comment or a suggestion about something we have done or could do differently ?


Anything you want to tell us about something that we have said or done that has made you unhappy or dissatisfied?

What can you expect to happen if you give us a compliment, make a comment or make a suggestion or make a complaint ?


We will share any compliments with the teams and others in our organisation and outside it with your permission.  We want to learn and make sure we do more of what works.

You can also tell the Care Quality Commission about we are doing well. We are regulated and inspected by them.  They want you to share your good experiences of being supported by provider organisations like ours.

You can contact them at  to share your experinces

Comments and suggestions

We will contact you within 7 days  by phone, email or letter  to find out more about your comment/suggestions  so we can improve  the support we provide.


You have the right to complain if you are unhappy about the quality of support or the actions of a staff member. We see complaints as an opportunity to learn about how we can do things better.

When you make a complaint we will acknowledge we have listened to your concerns and dissatisfaction within 3 working days by contacting you and  then writing to you about the next steps that are being taken.

How you can tell us what is working or not working so well ?

There are a number of ways for you to make a compliment, comment or suggestion or make a complaint.

You can do this by telling someone in the local team,  telephoning, emailing or writing to us. All compliments, comments and complaints can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for the attention of Dan Coleman. If you require a direct call back please email Dan on the above email address and he will respond.

They will talk with you about the complaint and try to put it right. 

If you do not want to tell someone locally in the team you can or if  you have told someone and you are still unhappy you can then:

  • Tell the Registered Manager
  • Tell a Regional manager

If you are not happy with how we are dealing with your complaints you can:

  • Tell the Social Worker or Care Manager that is involved with you  or your family that you are not happy
  • You can tell the Care Quality Commission. We are regulated and inspected by them. You can also tell the Care Quality Commission about your complaint at any time. They will work with you and to see if anything can be done to solve the problem.

You can contact them at  or by phone on 0300 0610614 or download this guide about making a complaint.

You can you can download our Easy Read guide to Making a compliment, comment or Complaint.

What do you do if you have a serious concern and you are a member of staff?

We subscribe to an independent whistle blowing company called 'Safecall' which provides a Freephone / hotline number that staff can use to raise an alert that is safeguarding in nature.

For more information you can download the Safe Call leaflet.