Involving people and seeking their views on what we provide

We use many ways to involve people and seek their views about the support we provide and what else we could be doing.

We use co-production principles defined by SCIE.   

Here are some ways that we are working currently

  • Supporting people to use their gifts and skills

"Together Let Us Aspire" is a forum developed and run by people we support who have mental health issues and a local team member chosen by the forum. Monthly meetings of the forum include guest speakers, sharing what’s new locally, area and ideas and feedback on what is working/ not working so well about aspects of their recovery and the support we provide. The Chair is using her skills from her past jobs, gaining confidence and we are supporting the development of her C.V. and attending courses to help her become self-employed as a trainer.

  • Breaking barriers between workers and people supported

Local initiatives are developing like the one at our recovery supportive living service which has an open invite for sunday lunch. Local people wanted to do something together and something simple like cooking and eating together was chosen as a good leveler for all.

  • Interface with staff performance systems

Each month, people who we support tell us about the support they are receiving talking through a set of key questions e.g. Do you feel that we have listened to you and know the things that are most important to you in your life currently? Our supervision system uses this information so that staff teams gain feedback on how they are doing in supporting people.

  • Informing the organisation as a whole to act as an agent of change.

Finally our One-page Strategy is an output of co-production. People supported defined what success meant. We co-facilitated forums to inform the strategy and Together Let us Aspire forum produced a Quality Questionnaire to inform this. We are working towards using person-centred reviews to work towards using a process called WorkingTogether for Change. This uses information from support plans, person-centred reviews about what is working/ not working in people’s lives and future ideas.  This is themed at events with local people who we support and their networks. Doing this together gives us direction about what we need to pay attention to in terms of change, what we need to keep doing and act on in the future locally and as an organisation as a whole.