Supporting people who have personal budgets, direct payments or fund their self

Direct payments and personal budgets are a central part of the governments' 'personalisation agenda'. To ensure that the ethos of the agenda is followed we support individuals to help ensure they have choice and control over their support should they choose to fund their own care by employing Aspirations.

The use of person-centred practice, paying attention desired outcomes, and the personal resources a person has helps us together to answer the question

  • How will you use your personal budget/personal health budget/direct payment or self -funding ?

We have expertise in supporting people regarding capacity and financial decision-making across a range of funding and commissioning arrangements.  What we agree is set out in our individual support agreement which describes what on a day-to-day basis we will be supporting a person to do.

The agreement clearly states:

  • what we as a provider will do to support a person in line with their support plan.
  • What the person will do themselves as part of this agreement.
  • How this agreement can be reviewed, changed or ended. 

Some people may wish to set up an Individual Service Fund (ISF) with us.

Individual Service Funds mean that

  • The money is held by the provider on the individual’s behalf
  • The person decides how to spend the money
  • The provider is accountable to the person
  • The provider commits to only spend the money on the individual’s service and the management and support necessary to provide that service (not into a general pooled budget).

With our dedicated locally based finance teams, we are able to respond to the above requests easily and on a very personal manner.