The Aspirations Journey

In consultation with people we support and their teams we have developed a step-by-step guide called The Aspirations Journey. This sets out what people, their families and other people in their lives can expect from us as we listen, design and deliver personalised support.

Everything we do starts with our first conversation with the person and their supporters. Key principles underpin these conversations:

  • Assuming the person can make decisions themselves or with people that know them well
  • Risk is part of everyday life for everyone
  • Respecting that the person has ideas about what is working and not working about their life and what they wish for the future.
  • Providing just enough support. We will not over support the person. We will maximise their independence, use assistive technology and develop and strengthen relationships around the person.
  • Effective co-ordination and communication with the person and the people in their life – A co-ordinator will be allocated for smooth progression through The Aspirations Journey.

Each person can expect the following

  • Getting to know what matters to the person and the resources they bring to use in the design of support e.g. their personal budget, their qualities and skills and social networks. This is carried out through focused conversations and paying attention to information the person has already has about their life and what works for them. e.g. existing plans, professional recommendations.
  • Coming up with a plan -  Our person-centred support plan draws together our learning about the person and includes a design of  a “ perfect week “. This shows how we will deliver daily what matters to the person and keeping them healthy and safe. It concludes with predicted outcomes.  We develop with the person their One-Page Profile that shows we have listened to them and will act. We share all this information with the person and their allies and modify in line with the feedback.
  • Designing the support - The person-centred support plan and “ the perfect week”  is used as the “ blue print “ for designing the support within the budget. This involves indentifying individual and shared support hours if appropriate, ensuring a good match with the team supporting the person. They will need to have the right skills, knowledge, qualities and shared interests to support the person. We recruit if needed at this stage to ensure a good match of support.
  • Providing the support  - The Person-centred support plan becomes the core of an individualised agreement with the person.  It is explicit  about how we work together to deliver the agreed support.
  • On going learning and reviewing – The person will have an individualised recording system which pays attention to how much of their perfect week is delivered. Monthly, we support the person to tell us what is working and not working so well about their support and progress on their outcomes. We also seek the perspectives of their allies and the team on this. This leads to actions for the team. At a 3 month point, we facilitate a person-centred review to review and consolidate. This information updates the support plan and may be used to adjust the contract this stage.

Download our Aspirations Journey