What people say about us?

Listening and acting on what people say about us is fundamental to the way we support people. We want to hear and celebrate what is said by people themselves about our support, families about our support, supporters and other professional about the support provided.

What we want to know when we get things right for people so we can make sure we do more of this for everyone we support.

The people who we support have said this about us

About our teams

Hayley has been receiving support from Aspirations Care North East in Darlington for two months. She shares her story.

“When I first met the manager and team at the bungalow….I was anxious but from the very first minute I met them I thought how professional and friendly they were.

The interview questions that I prepared were answered with passion and enthusiasm. So we arranged for me to try their support out a month later.

Each member of the team has different qualities, strengths and personalities. They are absolutely teaming with initiative, motivation and passion and they work great separately but are even better as a team.

I must say that Aspirations Care definitely lives up to its name as care simply pours out of the staff. I feel so happy and content, and I am so grateful."

About our reviews

I have spoken to Jane, who told me she liked today and it was the best review she ever had and wants them like that all the time. She said normally people sit round a table and tell her how she should lead her life and what she should/ shouldn’t do to remain living in the community and how much her package costs the authority. Today she said she felt in more control.

About a Support Worker

My support worker is hard working and gets the job done first time. She helps me with my budgeting. She gets stuck in because she helps me to clean my flat on a Wednesday. I trust her 100% because she helps me when I am down and she makes me so happy. I trust her to talk to me and to inform people on important dates that I have to attend. Her time keeping is second to none. She is lovely to work with and I think she has a good career ahead of her.

When I have my key worker session with my support worker, she is very helpful and supportive. He gives me good advice and listens to me a lot. She is very positive towards my progress and development. I feel reassured and it is good when someone listens to you. She shows she cares.

About a manager

Carl has helped me a lot and made my life better getting me clothes, computer, furniture and my T.V. I didn’t like him at the start but now that I know him he’s great and really cares about me and improved my life when it was bad. Now I am much happier. I feel loved instead of people bullying me. My team shows me that they care and make me happy and not sad and get me to do things I never thought I would do.

Families have said this about us

We wanted to phone you to say thank you for the magnificent support you are providing to our son.

We just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for our father. He is getting on really well with his support worker. He is really happy with her and she is pushing him to try out new things. We appreciate he is not the easiest person to get alongside of and is rather stuck in his ways . Thanks again.

My son is at long last getting some substance back into his life and it shows in his calls home, as now he has something to talk about. The photos from the review looked great; I can see why he was impressed. I always thought that the best planning meetings were when things were displayed and in your face – it also seemed to generate more enthusiasm and ideas.

The One Page Profile is very good, my son has demonstrated a great degree of self awareness. The profile is excellent and what a superb Support Plan, well worth waiting for. Very insightful and punchy.

One late September day earlier this year I received an invitation to an open day run by “Aspirations” a company that had taken over the organisation & running of a care home company for the want of a title, my apologies to those concerned if this is not correct. But I am jumping ahead of myself, my story starts on a summer’s day in 1997/8 the actual date is unimportant, but what is important on that day our son who is Down’s was offered a placement at this care home. It was what we were thinking of but further down the line, we thought long & hard & finally decided it was the right time so we said yes, a decision we have never regretted.  The years rolled by and my son became very independent more so than if he had stayed at home with us, he looked on it as his home visiting us when he thought fit, but we saw him on a regular basis, either for a family get together, myself taking him Bowling indoors similar to the outdoor variety, this was something at which he was very proficient gaining the Gold Medal in the singles competition at the 2009 Special Olympics, or a function Birthday etc. organised by the team. This insight into my son’s & our life styles brings me nicely up to Tuesday 11th November 2014 & the open day I have already referred to. 

It was a cold & wet day but inside the rooms where we met it was nice & warm. After a welcoming cup of coffee, proceedings got underway with introductions of the “Aspirations” team present. At this point I feel I have to complain, as my hearing is very poor, the lack of a sound system in the room which was not that big but the soft female voices did no carry to all corners so unless the room was very quiet I missed a lot of the presentations.   Alison Short took over & generally ran the meeting, getting everyone involved in some way or another, so there was a lot I was able to take part in. 11.00am we paid our respects with 2 mins silence for someone who is a stickler for tradition you could have heard a pin drop & I was very pleased. 

A nice Buffet lunch came along at 12.30pm. & we were able to stand & stretch our legs & generally converse with people from other tables.

1.15pm. saw the start of the afternoon session with a fantastic display of Karate by one of the people supported complete with high kicks & shouts, I was only glad I did not have to oppose him.  
The Mayor then made presentations of Trophies & Certificates for achievement. The myriad of things the awardees had done was mind boggling, & was applauded for a long time, next came the customary photographs something they did not need telling twice.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers was presented to the Employee of the Year this was gratefully received but was too shy to say anything, but a grateful thank you no doubt, she must have deserved it.

The day was now drawing to a close so after a short question & answer session, everyone was thanked for putting in an appearance & making it a worthwhile day. We eventually broke up about 2.45pm a little sooner than anticipated but as this was our first “Open Day” nobody is complaining.

What did I think of the day, great plenty ideas on offer, & apart from the lack of some sort of sound system everyone seemed satisfied. What did I think of Aspirations great ideas let us hope they perform has promised.  It has served me well for 16 years all I want, is for it to go forward. This time next year or whenever the next Open Day is we shall see.

So "Onward & Upward"

Supporters and other professional have said this about us

"I have to say again a big thank you to you and your team with the work you are doing with Ann, the house looks amazing and Ann is doing very well. The improvement in her presentation and coping at home is so much better than I have seen in the past, she was speaking highly of the support she is receiving from your team. I have passed this information onto my management team and will certainly recommend your service to my team members. Once again thank you for all the hard work you have been doing with Ann, I know how challenging she can be at times."

Care Manager Mental Health Team

"Your support worker is amazing, relaxed and very helpful."

Comment by a Social Worker from a local Community Mental Health Team

"I wanted to thank your service for the support you are providing to Jane, and in particular, to send my compliments regarding your support worker, who has been an exceptional worker – very caring and diligent. She is an asset to your team."

Senior Social Worker Recovery and Wellbeing Team